Should you extend or move?

Many owners get to a point where they need more space and are unsure about what to do. Should one stay put and renovate/extend their existing home or sell it and buy or build a new one.  

There are a number of questions to be answered here; each requiring careful assessment? What’s my place really worth as it is? What could it be worth if I made some cost effective improvements? Is it worth spending money on my home and will I get it back?

What would it cost me to build and what would I need to spend on another home and where?

When one takes into account selling and purchasing costs as well the headaches in moving, staying put and extending and or renovating might well be the best option; but how do you know unless you have explored the options.

Adelaide Buyer Agent can guide you in the right direction and give you the facts you need to help you make the best possible decision for you and your family.

My investment property

Unfortunately, not all investment properties are worth hanging onto and some will perform better than others over the long term. The question is, how is your investment property performing for you? Is it growing in value and what is it’s potential?  

Unfortunately, most property managers don’t have the experience and expertise to assess the potential of investment property and advise on improvements that would not only secure you a better tenant but also maximise your rental return and capital growth.

If your investment property has untapped potential, you should at least know about it so you can make an informed decision.

As an experienced property manager both in residential and commercial property, Adelaide Buyer Agent has heard investors say all too often; “No one ever told me that I should do that? Similarly, landlords who have hung to their property for years then sold it, only for someone else to profit.

Get a second opinion, the sooner the better!

SMSF – Self Managed Super Funds and direct property

It’s worth mentioning that this is a fast growing area of property investment given the sensitivity and uncertainty of the share market and today's world. Wouldn't you want to know that if you bought the right property now, that one day, you can either live off the income from your property investment, tax free or sell your investment for a handsome profit and live off the interest or other more liquid investment can to retire you can sell it for a decent profityou can sell your well performing incestment property for a decent capitalthe long term in the hope that one day when you retire,

The idea is to select the in particular Adelaide because its safer

Investing in the Adelaide property market has proven to be safer yet still experience decent capital growth in the long term.


Selecting the right investment property is therefore crucial and and can make a big difference to the end result in the long term.

Sure there are no guarantees in life but Adelaide has proven to be a safe place to invest over the years and even though we have experienced some pretty impressive peaks, we haven’t suffered the losses other states inherently do.

There are many investment advisers that offer to help you build your investment portfolio and promise financial security and it won't cost you a cent. Adelaide Buyer Agent will charge you a fee but at least you now that it's working in your best interest, not the seller or the developer. 

My rates and taxes are too high

Most of us at one point or another have complained about the high cost of our rates and taxes but few bother to object to the valuations on which these rates and taxes are based. Sure, sometimes you'd be wasting your time objecting; you have to come up with credible evidence and be convincing.

However, you'd be surprised, it can very much worth your while getting a second opinion from a qualified professional which can end up saving you money, each and every year. 

Commercial leases

Adelaide Buyer Agent can also assist you to negotiate your next lease transaction; whether it be a new premises that you plan to move into or a lease renewal you would like to take up if the terms and conditions are right.

It's not easy to negotiate a favourable outcome when your business is at stake and having an independent expert negotiating on your side is invaluable.