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Sellers & their agents have the upper hand


When you're thinking of buying a property you like, it's so easy to let the heart rule the mind and overlook important purchasing criteria; investors too can be emotional. How you feel is not easy to hide and just because you fall in love with a place,  doesn't mean you should have to pay more. You can openly confide in Adelaide Buyer Agent about how you feel and it won't work against you.

Give yourself a chance of being respected in the negotiating process and have Adelaide Buyer Agent represent you, we take a professional and objective approach acting as your advocate.

Remember, the agent acting for the seller may be helpful and friendly, but he or she is obligated to act in the seller's best interest, not yours.



Save money, time and unnecessary frustration

Believe it or not, looking for a new home or investment should an enjoyable experience. Buyers often start off enthusiastically but all too often it can become confusing and even depressing. Some buyers end up making decisions out of frustration, others fail to take advantage of opportunities because they feel unsure. There are those that go to auctions hoping a property will be in their price range, only to be bitterly disappointed.

All this can be avoided with some professional advice from the start; Adelaide Buyer Agent can help you find that dream home, block of land or investment property (residential or commercial). With the guidance and steady hand of Adelaide Buyer Agent, you can save money, time and make buying a more enjoyable experience and get what you really want.


Buying at auctions and negotiation

It is quite legal for an auctioneer to make as many as three bids on behalf of the vendor at an Auction Sale (vendor bids). The problem is, how do you know when to bid or not and how far should you go on the day? An Auction is a public competition between buyers but not everyone is cut out to take the pressure, which can be overwhelming. Mistakes or hesitation can be extremely costly and it's not the buyer with the most money that always wins.

Experience, tactics and a cool hand make all the difference and could save you thousands of dollars. Bidding is stressful and best left to an expert who can adapt to an ever changing pressure situation and won't get carried away. 

Adelaide Buyer Agent can advise and bid or negotiate on your behalf to improve your chances of buying the property you want at the best possible price.

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Advice on value, future growth & investing

As mentioned earlier, whether you are looking for land, somewhere to live or for an investment property, it is very easy to fall in love and overlook the important issues, that if viewed objectively; would cast a different light on the purchase. No one wants to pay too much and when you do, you usually can't recoup the cost when you sell. With the services of Adelaide Buyer Agent you ensure you don't pay too much and when you sell you can sell with confidence.

Knowing that the property will grow in value and make a secure investment are very important issues, especially if you are going to rely on the promise of future capital growth. Should you buy new or established? What areas are better than others and where is your money going to be best spent?

As your representative Adelaide Buyer Agent can give you an honest opinion on these issues and others, to ensure you make the most of your purchasing decision.

Market research & property history

Pile of books

Once you decide to purchase, naturally, you tend to compare properties you have seen. Most of the time however, you tend to compare asking prices and this can be misleading; in many instances you are given unrealistic expectations or no guidance at all of what a property is likely to realise. Looking at different properties in different suburbs can further complicate your assessment. In order to avoid possible confusion and making mistakes you need to know the different areas, the sub-markets, the likely demand and as much about the property as possible. If you originate from interstate or overseas in particular; you should be particularly cautious.

Adelaide Buyer Agent will ensure you are well informed before an offer to purchase is made.


Verification of property and condition

Nobody wants to buy a lemon. 'Caveat Emptor' or 'Buyer Beware' means when you deal in property you do so at your own risk. The onus is on you, the buyer to know what you're getting yourself into. The fact of the matter is, it is much easier to be aware if you know what to ask and what to look for.

Don't just rely on what you see or read on the internet, there is nothing like seeing with your own eyes. Glossy photos won't highlight defects nor will the sales advertisement point out unfavourable neighbourhood issues. The trained eye of Adelaide Buyer Agent and it's building experience will look at the worst, as well as the best features of a property and then advise you accordingly.

By using Adelaide Buyer Agent you can avoid many of the pitfalls that are often overlooked. Where additional expertise is required and considered worthwhile, further inspections and reports can be promptly arranged to evaluate the extent of the problem.

Buyer anonymity

The more a seller or agent knows about you, the buyer, the more this affects your negotiating position. Adelaide Buyer Agent can ensure that the vendor or vendor's agent does not take advantage of your particular situation.

Remaining anonymous can be advantageous and is crucial in instances where a purchaser is likely to pay more than is reasonably necessary. Eg. you could be an adjoining owner or a tenant; there are many situations where remaining anonymous or a step back from negotiations, would be to the buyer's advantage.

Using Adelaide Buyer Agent gives you this opportunity.


Adelaide Buyer Agent can brief and guide you on your financing alternatives and help you make the most of your negotiating position. You need not miss out because you haven't had time to assess all the options. All too often, buyers could have saved money and much disappointment by simply being financially better prepared.

There are also the legal issues that need to be understood or you may require specific conditions to be added into the contract to purchase, that suit you. It's too late to say you weren't aware once you have signed a contract.

After all the relevant documentation has been carefully perused, an offer to purchase can be drawn up and presented in its best light, by Adelaide Buyer Agent on your behalf .

Other Services



General: You may just require some general property advice or need assistance to resolve a property dispute or issue: Adelaide Buyer Agent can assist you to answer many general or specific property questions about a broad range of property issues.

Do I extend or move? One common dilemma or question many owners face when they need more space, is; what's the best thing to do? Should one stay put and renovate/extend their existing home or sell it and buy another, or even build a new one perhaps?  

Each of these questions requires careful assessment as none of the alternatives are cheap to effect. When one takes into account substantive selling and purchasing costs as well the headaches in moving, staying put and extending and or renovating, might well be the best option; but how do you know unless you have explored the alternatives.

Adelaide Buyer Agent can guide you in the right direction and give you the advice you need to help you make the best possible decision for you and your family.

My rates and taxes are too high! At one point or another most of us have had a word to say about the high cost of our property taxes but few bother to object to the valuations on which these rates and taxes are based. Sure, sometimes you'd be wasting your time objecting as you surely need to come up with credible evidence and also be convincing in your arguments.

You might be surprised however, even a small reduction in value will reduce your burden and not just your land tax if you are an investor, but all of your rates and taxes. Adelaide Buyer Agent can quickly help you make that assessment.

Managing your Investment Property

Some will perform better than others over the long term and not all investment properties are worth hanging onto. The question is, how is your investment property performing for you? Is it growing in value and what is its potential?  

Unfortunately, many property managers do not have the experience or expertise to assess the potential of investment propertyand therefore advise on making the right improvements that would not only secure you a better tenant, but also maximise your rental return and capital growth over time.

If your investment property has untapped potential, you should explore it before it's too late, laws change and so do buyer and tenant behaviour. Know where your investment stands so you can make informed decisions; the selling agent that sold you that ideal investment isn't going to tell you otherwise.

As an experienced property manager, Adelaide Buyer Agent has heard many investors say all too often; “No one ever told me I should do that; or I would have been happy to make those improvements if I had only been advised".

Adelaide Buyer Agent will not only ensure you buy the right investment property but can look after your investment property too, both residential and commercial. We can also offer you a second opinion on your existing investment property to see if it performing like it should, or could.

SMSF – Self managed super funds and direct property

Investing in property for your future retirement needs is a fast growing area, given the sensitivity and uncertainty of the share market and the global economy. Buying investment property using your combined or personal superannuation contributions has distinct advantages and you can still borrow funds in order to purchase. The idea is that one day, in the distant future when you are ready to retire; you can decide to either live off the income from your investments, paying minimal or no tax; or sell your portfolio for a handsome profit and comfortably live off the returns. Either way, with property you know it will be there when you need it most.

Investing in the Adelaide property market has proven to be safe and reliable alternative over the long term; the right timing to enter the market can be a significant advantage but since we really can't predict the bottom or top of a boom cycle, it would be best not to try and time the market, but rely on time in the market. Sure there are no guarantees in life but Adelaide property has proven to be a viable alternative over the years, experiencing some impressive yields too. Take 2000 - 2010 where the median price for Metropolitan Adelaide houses rose by an impressive 11.5% per annum over that decade. It was an even more impressive 12.8% before the GFC hit in 2007 and over the last 15 years the average growth has sat at 8.0% per annum; still not bad.

The above figures are a snapshot of Adelaide metropolitan area as a whole but of course there are individual suburbs that have performed even better, the key therefore, lies in selecting the right property; a good investment has the potential to grow in value and sustain a steady income stream over the long term.

There are many investment advisers that will offer to help you build your investment portfolio and promise financial security and it won't cost you a cent; remember there's no such thing as a free lunch. Adelaide Buyer Agent will charge you a fee for good advice in this area but you will know it is acting in your best interest, not the seller or the developer. 

Commercial Property

Adelaide Buyer Agent also has extensive experience in commercial property transactions and management. You may wish to purchase a commercial premises for your business operations or be looking for a viable investment with a decent return; developing for profit might be your goal ! Adelaide Buyer Agent can guide you and manage your income producing commercial investment, putting it to highest and best use.  

As a lessee, you may need help negotiating a new lease transaction and don't want to taint the landlord/tenant relationship; it's not easy to negotiate a favourable outcome when your business is at stake. Having an independent expert negotiating on your side is invaluable. 

Property Development

Adelaide Buyer Agent has extensive experience in property development and can not only help you find that development site or renovation project you want, but also give you the answers necessary to help make it a profitable development; ie. What can I do with the site? What is the best design and how much is the end product likely to sell for? What about the cost and what's my profit?

Adelaide Buyer Agent also puts together development projects from time to time, hence giving individual investors the opportunity to join forces and become involved in syndicate capable of competing for larger more attractive development opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach.

Feel feel to make inquiries with Adelaide Buyer Agent and register your interest in this regard.