Alf Petito is the principal and founder of Adelaide Buyer Agent Property Services and has been working exclusively in the Adelaide property market for over 30 years. He was the first agent in Adelaide to establish a real need for buyers to be represented as early as 1993. This makes him a very experienced professional with a good understanding of the local markets and their unique features. He has purchased property in over 75 different Adelaide suburbs and also interstate is respected by his fellow peers. He is a property Valuer with additional qualifications and extensive knowledge in building construction. This unique combination of skills and know-how makes him well versed in providing qualified reliable advice in property matters.

As a skilled negotiator he has proven beyond doubt that buyers also need agents and it definitely pays to be represented. He would like to assure buyers that not only does a buyer greatly improve their chances of getting what they want, but at the possible savings, future benefits and peace of mind one gains by using a buyer's agent, far outweigh the cost.